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Product Name: Mechnical Splice

Release Date: 2016-04-07

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Mechnical Splice    

With the transparent body, the splice result is visible by Fiber Checker immediately.

Made in Taiwan

Along with own patent , this Mechanical Splice was designed for splicing any 250 to 900 fibers.  No tool is required for using our Mechanical Splice.

Using V-groove technology requires no epoxy.  The transparent body allows users to check the quality of its connection before completing the installation, which is to press down the secure button. This explains its slight insertion loss of 0.1dB and an short installation time of 30 seconds.  

Users can also use Rulers of Cable Types that will assist them on fast stripping and cleaving without measuring the length while installation. This is an ideal solution, either for an outside plant or indoor installation.

Features :

Transparent Body for immediate connecting confirmation

No Tool or Jig required

• No Epoxy required

• Universal for 250 or 900 um Fibers

• 30 seconds for connecting

• Mean Insertion Loss 0.1 dB

• Reusable

No Tool refers to the situation where no auxiliary tools will be used except for cleaver and other tools for fiber preparation, and release key for reusing the fiber mechanical splice.


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